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With a wide range of solutions and services of the highest quality, INDICAL is committed to helping you stay ahead of competition and achieve a profitable and successful business with us.

We look for a long-term business relationship and therefore wish to work with partners who understand our mission, values, solutions, and services; and who are prepared to become fully competent, undergoing required training. We seek focused, professional entrepreneurs and companies who can see the opportunities ahead and who are prepared to grow with the market.

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About INDICAL (formerly QIAGEN Animal Health)

INDICAL provides solutions for your entire workflow.

With over two decades of experience, INDICAL is a leading provider of molecular diagnostic workflows, the protocols for their use, and the associated technical support required for their implementation and continued use. We strive to enable our customers to perform at their peak in reliably identifying animal diseases, with the intention of protecting animal and human health.

Formerly known as QIAGEN Animal Health, we operate to the highest quality standards. 

Rely on our industry-leading diagnostic solutions for veterinary testing and pathogen research, which include:

Certainty and excellence

We are proud to continue being a trusted supplier of molecular test systems that help control major animal diseases that threaten the agricultural industry and biodiversity in the wild. 

INDICAL has a high production capacity and maintains considerable safety stocks.
We also have exceptional technical support thanks to our experienced veterinarians and molecular biologists, who stand ready to answer your questions.

*Formerly QIAGEN Animal Health

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Improving diagnostics for better animal and human health

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