Confidence in controlling African Swine Fever

Reliable answers for African Swine Fever Virus control

African Swine Fever (ASF) is a clear threat to both the swine production industry and the health of wild boar populations. INDICAL’s advanced molecular testing solutions enable you to rapidly extract and accurately identify the DNA of the African Swine Fever Virus.

Choose between the new virotype ASFV 2.0 PCR Kit, which has additional internal controls for greater confidence with challenging samples, and virotype ASFV PCR Kit, which supports combined testing for African and Classical Swine Fever Viruses. Both read-to-use assays are approved, validated and implemented by reference and service labs worldwide.

Pair our detection assays with one of our DNA extraction kits, which yield the purest nucleic acids for successful PCR.

Rely on virotype ASFV PCR Kits for fast and accurate test results.

virotype ASFV PCR Kit*NEW! Introducing virotype ASFV 2.0 PCR Kit* for more control, confidence and speed in African Swine Fever Virus testing.
✔ Duplex real-time PCR✔ Triplex real-time PCR
✔ qPCR runtime ~90 mins✔ Fast qPCR runtime of just ~60 mins
✔ Endogenous Internal Control (β-actin)✔ Double Internal Control System for a higher level of confidence in the interpretation of results: Endogenous Internal Control (β-actin) and Exogenous Internal Control
✔ High sensitivity and specificity✔ Enhanced sensitivity
✔ Approved in Germany (FLI-B 670) and validated by reference laboratories worldwide (incl. DE, ES, PL, BG, DK and the UK)✔ Approved in Germany (FLI-C 079) and validated by reference laboratories worldwide (incl. BE, DK, DE, PL, ES, LV, and HU)
✔ Can be performed in one cycler run with virotype CSFV RT-PCR Kit*
✔ Safe identification of all known ASFV genotypes**
✔ Easy-to-use, ready-to-use reagents including a single reaction mix
✔ Multiple validated sample types (serum, plasma, EDTA blood, tissue and swabs) from pigs and wild boar
✔ Suitable for pools of 5 to 20***
✔ Compatible with most common PCR cyclers)
* Product availability / distribution: Outside the U.S./Canada
** Data on file
*** Provided that the sample quality is good and that the sampling is not swab-based. Pool recommendations and regulations may vary between countries.
ASFV DNA extraction − get the best results in downstream testing with the right start

 Our proven extraction kits and instruments for nucleic acid isolation are suitable for both high- and low-throughput workflows. 

Rely on the magnetic bead-based IndiMag and silica column-based IndiSpin kits to extract ASFV DNA from your samples.

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Certainty and excellence

We’re proud to continue being a trusted supplier of molecular test systems that help control major animal diseases that threaten the agricultural industry and biodiversity in the wild. For more information on our workflows, contact us.

INDICAL has a high production capacity and maintains considerable safety stocks.
We also have exceptional technical support thanks to our experienced veterinarians and molecular biologists, who stand ready to answer your questions.


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Product ordering information

ASFV DNA detectionShort product descriptionCat. no.
NEW! virotype ASFV 2.0 PCR Kit*Triplex real-time PCR (qPCR) for highly sensitive and specific detection of ASFV DNA in 60 minsVT281925 (96)
virotype ASFV PCR Kit*Duplex real-time PCR (qPCR) for sensitive and highly specific detection of ASFV DNAVT281903 (24)VT281905 (96)
* Product availability / distribution: Outside the U.S./Canada

ASFV DNA extractionShort product descriptionCat. no.
IndiMag Pathogen Kit (old product name: MagAttract cador Pathogen Kit)Magnetic bead-based extraction kit for isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA; All in one box: Reagents and plasticware included; For use with KingFisher and similar platformsSP947457 (384)
IndiMag Pathogen Kit w/o plastics (old product name: MagAttract cador Pathogen Kit w/o Plastics)Magnetic bead-based extraction kit for isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA - choose if you use an IndiMag 48SP947257 (384)
IndiMag 48sCompact instrument for automated magnetic bead-based extraction of nucleic acids IN943048s
IndiSpin Pathogen Kit
(Old name: QIAamp cador
Pathogen Mini Kit)
For isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA based on silica membrane technologySP54104 (50)SP54106 (250)
IndiSpin QIAcube HT
Pathogen Kit
(Old name: cador Pathogen
96 QIAcube HT Kit)
For automated high-throughput isolation of
viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA with QIAcube HT (Silica membrane technology)

*Formerly QIAGEN Animal Health

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Improving African Swine Fever diagnostics

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